Composite Deck

The service life of the wood applied outdoors is very limited. You have to maintain your wooden floor covering twice a year with polish and other chemical preservatives. In time, the screw tips come out, moisture makes the wood surface slippery.

Not only the initial cost of wood, but also the high maintenance costs in the long run create problems for you. Against all these problems, Decodeck deck systems are the ideal solution you are looking for.

The flooring you need in both landscape areas and poolside should be durable, safe and long-lasting.

Hidden clip system, very easy to use

Whether it is stainless steel or plastic, Decodeck deck applications are a solid, fast, practical and ideal solution thanks to the hidden clip system. This system also allows you to change the profile you want without any damage.

Anti-Slip Surface

Decodeck deck systems, which we produce with high quality wood particles and special surface treatments, provide a safe and non-slip surface on terraces, poolside, marinas and all wet areas.

It is guaranteed against cracking and splintering.

Decodeck deck profiles provide a safe surface for your children and loved ones. You no longer have to worry about rusty screw tips or sinking splinters.

Deck flooring is a very simple but time consuming flooring.
In the use of Deck Profiles, it is very important that the place to be laid is level. The ground is in balance
Otherwise, the carcass material to be laid will pot and the deck to be laid on it cannot be fixed.
Therefore, it is very important that the ground is flat. After the carcass material is mounted on the ground
The laying process of the composite deck material is started. Deck profiles on carcasses
They are mounted with stainless deck clips. 24-28 clips are used per square meter.
As the function of the clips is to fix the deck material, the load it will carry on the deck.
is important. If the traffic is heavy, it is useful to tighten the carcasses and clips.
Carcasses fall between 20 cm and the number of clips increases.
Installation of tile decks is simpler. Tile removed in packages
The decks are mounted by clamping each other without using any tools.
The installation process is extremely simple and easy to remove when necessary.